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Traumas and The Pain Body

Every time we have a trauma, big or small, we store a trapped emotion in the energy field of our body which creates a dense shadowy area and feeds what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle originally coined the 'Pain Body'. Previous to this, Jung spoke of the 'Shadow Self'. It is the part of us that contains our fears, sadness, traumas, ego, defensiveness and wounds. Many of our trapped emotions stem from childhood and it is not uncommon for our hearts to create an energetic defensive wall around itself as a barrier. The problem with this wall is that it can prevent us from giving and receiving love in a healthy balanced way and understand how to love ourselves. Once we start the process of healing our past traumas and our pain body, we can truly shine our light and let go of our fears and destructive behaviours. Better physical health is part and parcel of this process as illness is only the physical manifestation of a trapped emotion somewhere in the body.

All energy that becomes trapped or blocked in the body can be located, identified and released. This allows us to experience great relief and freedom from restrictive and unhealthy patterns and relationships with both ourselves and others. It also gives us better physical and emotional health. Sometimes one session is all that is needed to create instant change but with more deep rooted complex issues, a number of sessions may be required.