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Between us both, we have qualifications in healing modalities such as Reiki, Theta Healing, EFT and Quantum Touch and we combine these modalities in our practice. Most importantly, we both have intuitive, psychic, clairsentient and clairvoyant skills and our own unique approach to identifying and clearing the energetic blockages you may have.

We can, in a short space of time, get to the root cause of any issues in your life that may be holding you back physically and / or emotionally, or preventing you from living your life to the fullest and being happy and balanced.

Whether you have a physical ailment, an emotional issue, suffer from stress or anxiety, a phobia, work or relationship problems... whatever it is, we can look at clearing negative beliefs, patterns and programs, trapped emotions and past traumas. We will offer you a safe and heart centred space to work together with one of us so that we can explore these issues and facilitate swift and effective change in your life.

Let us help you bring clarity, Light and Love to what is ready to be released and healed.

Einstein: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”


Benefits of Removing Trapped Energies

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, so we, human beings are, essentially, energetic Beings. Our physical body, mind, thoughts and feelings too. When we are happy, or in joy, we feel it and indeed the elated states of those around us; the high frequencies feel good! But equally we feel lower vibrational emotional frequencies; and they don't feel so good! Low heavy frequencies can become stuck in people and places and become problematic or unpleasant.

Clearing these low energies can have a profound effect on individuals; whether it be emotional, mental or physical health and also changing destructive patterns of behaviour and benefiting positive change for relationships, work, goals, wealth and all aspects of our lives. Equally if we are in a place, a building or location that has experienced dense low vibrational energy it can become stuck. These energies can feel extremely unpleasant and unnerving sometimes and need assistance to be shifted so balance and harmony is restored again. This can make a once unliveable space a place of peace again.


Helping people in whatever capacity is rewarding and I love all aspects of the energy work that I do, in particular seeing those that are in emotional turmoil turn a corner and reach the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all emotional puzzles and solving those puzzles is immensely rewarding and a joy to experience.

Being clairsentient and intuitive helps me to tune into the problematic energies and connect with the subconscious or superconscious. This also allows answers to unfold and facilitates healing on a very deep level.

Not only can these energies be identified but I am able to see their point of origin, whether it’s from this lifetime, in the womb, a past life or indeed passed on ancestrally.

Wherever it’s from, a fascinating history and story always unfolds as the healings take place.


"We are passionate about what we do"



Connecting intuitively with my Higher Self and the Higher Self of others allows me to find out the answers to questions that need to be asked to move to a state of healing. Seeing the points of light connect for both myself and the person I am with, is extremely rewarding.

Best results happen when something is traced back to its root and I get particular satisfaction from working holistically and leaving no stone unturned. Energy cannot be destroyed but we can change its form with positive intent. This is when healing takes place and I work to transmute dense energy and make whole what is fragmented. Because I am clairvoyant and clairsentient I can see and feel this happening in detail.

When I am surrounded by the powers of Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness, which are integral in shifting and transmuting the traumas and blockages from both people and places, there is nothing more humbling and beautiful.

The Higher Self

Your higher self is the real you, the soul consciousness that is so, so much more than the physical form you know so well. Your higher self is the you that is unlimited and eternal. It’s the part of you that excites you with inspiration, guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight. It is the part of you that is beyond fear, density,and is always in the Light.

Those incredibly useful flashes of intuition and inspiration can become a much bigger part of your life, if you allow this communication to flourish. But so many people have become disconnected from their Higher Self and instead allow themselves to listen only to their Ego, their fearful Monkey Mind. Your Higher Self longs to be in communication and Communion with you. It IS YOU. The more density you release and heal, the clearer the channel will be and the easier it will be to trust that voice, YOUR voice that has always been there, but has just been clogged up and hidden by the static and noise from the pain body, the trapped emotions, the lack of trust and self belief.

Your physical body is in fact the 'translator' of the Higher Self's messages and freeing up the energy blockages will allow the chakras and energy systems in the body to flow more freely which in turn, will allow you to feel the subtleties of energy flow in the body and tune in to the messages you are receiving all around you.

Traumas & The Pain Body

Every time we have a trauma, big or small, we store a trapped emotion in the energy field of our body which creates a dense shadowy area and feeds what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle originally coined the 'Pain Body'. Previous to this, Jung spoke of the 'Shadow Self'. It is the part of us that contains our fears, sadness, traumas, ego, defensiveness and wounds. Many of our trapped emotions stem from childhood and it is not uncommon for our hearts to create an energetic defensive wall around itself as a barrier.

The problem with this wall is that it can prevent us from giving and receiving love in a healthy balanced way and understand how to love ourselves. Once we start the process of healing our past traumas and our pain body, we can truly shine our light and let go of our fears and destructive behaviours. Better physical health is part and parcel of this process as illness is only the physical manifestation of a trapped emotion somewhere in the body.

All energy that becomes trapped or blocked in the body can be located, identified and released. This allows us to experience great relief and freedom from restrictive and unhealthy patterns and relationships with both ourselves and others. It also gives us better physical and emotional health. Sometimes one session is all that is needed to create instant change but with more deep rooted complex issues, a number of sessions may be required.